As part of the UK Common Travel Area,
the Channel Islands are classified as domestic travel (not international or global travel) when travelling from the United Kingdom. 
However, it is important to note, that similar to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,
Jersey and Guernsey have their own independent Governments and as such it is essential to be aware of the latest regulations in the destination jurisdiction.    

Freedom Holidays - Covid Refund Guarantee 
In these uncertain times, it is reassuring to know that if you are unable to travel or to take your holiday because of a national, local and Island lockdown, that Freedom Holidays will guarantee that you will get the option to defer up to the end of 2022 or a receive a full refund. Please note that the refund applies only to your booking accommodation payment(s) and only when the lockdown coincides with the period of your booking. 
The refund guarantee covers national, local and Island lockdowns, but does NOT cover you (or members of your party) for being unable to travel because you (or a member of your party) fall ill with Covid, or are required to quarantine, self-isolate or shield due to illness. These events can be covered by you taking out travel insurance. There are a number of policies that include cover for illness with Covid and self-isolation (example links below), and some Bank/Building Societies annual travel policies also cover this.  Alternatively, you can look for suitable cover on websites such as GoCompare, CoverwiseAllianz AssistanceTrailfindersFreedom Holidays are not selling, promoting, endorsing or recommending any particular insurance product, and do not benefit financially from, nor have any formal relationship with, any of these providers. 


Travel Information

We are so looking forward to welcoming all our regular visitors (as well as lots of new ones!) back to the Bailiwicks of Jersey & Guernsey.

Travelling to Jersey - Departure Country & Region Restrictions
Jersey - Wikipedia

Travelling to Jersey
The following guidance applies to everyone arriving in the Bailiwick of Jersey.

As of the 29th June 2021, travellers who have been fully vaccinated in UK, Republic of Ireland, Guernsey or Isle of Man at least 14 days prior to arrival will be able to enter Jersey, with only a short isolation until the reciept of their Negative PCR test on arrival 

Travel form

All passengers arriving in Jersey aged 11 and over must complete a travel form in the 48 hours before arriving in Jersey. The registration includes:

  • contact information
  • travel details and dates
  • address(es) they will be staying at throughout their stay in Jersey
  • details of travel within the 14 days before arrival in Jersey
  • declaration of health
  • if you want to be tested or isolate for 14 days if you decide not to be tested

Testing on your arrival

All passengers are offered testing on arrival into Jersey free of charge.


Children under the age of 18 will be classed as Green arrivals, regardless of their parents' vaccination status or their 14-day travel history.


Aged 10 or under ​Aged 11 or over







If you have any other questions with regard to the testing process and are unable to find the information on the above link, please contact the Jersey Coronavirus Helpline on + (0)800 735 5566 or email
If you have any questions relating to your booking, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at quoting your booking ID number.


Travelling to Guernsey - Departure Country & Region Restrictions
Flag of Guernsey - Wikipedia

Latest Travel Information 

From today travellers who have received 2 doses of an MHRA approved vaccine (with the second dose received 14 days prior to travel) who have not travelled outside the Common Travel Area will be able to enter the Bailiwick with no self-isolation or testing requirements (Blue Channel travellers). Full details on travel requirements with effect from 1 July 2021 can be found here

Blue Channel travellers will need to provide details of their COVID-19 Status (date, batch details and type of vaccine) before entering their journey on the Travel Tracker. Full details of the COVID-19 Status Certification (vaccine passports) can be found here.

Whilst travellers can complete their journey details in the Traveller Tracker 2 days before arrival in the Bailiwick, we are asking travellers who qualify for the ‘blue channel’ today and tomorrow to complete the Travel Tracker on their day of arrival as we settle into the new system.

Travellers will need to manually upload their vaccine information (type, date of dose 1 and 2 and batch number.) They will also need to upload a copy of official proof of their vaccination status (scan, photo or PDF) in order for the Travel Tracker to authenticate them as a ‘Blue Channel’ traveller. Information on accepted proof of vaccination in the Common Travel Area can be found here.

If ‘Blue Channel’ passengers have already registered their journey ahead of today they will automatically be charged for COVID-19 tests by the system.  In such cases, travellers can register a new journey today and contact on their arrival in the Bailiwick to arrange a refund.

Traveller numbers with effect from 1 July are high and travellers are, therefore, strongly advised to complete the Travel Tracker AHEAD of their journey to the Bailiwick to reduce waiting times on arrival.

Travellers are also reminded that children aged 12 to 17 years inclusive are required to register their own personal Travel Tracker Account with effect from 1 July 2021. This is to ensure that they receive the necessary COVID-19 test on arrival and are scheduled for a test on day7 and/or day 13.


The Travel Tracker can be accessed here.

Guernsey Information Centre

The Guernsey Information is back open today on the following times:

·         9am - 3pm Weekdays

·         10am - 2pm Weekends


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on

If you have any questions relating to your booking, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at quoting your booking ID number.

"Updatde as of 1st July"